This is the journal of my 2 year trip to Japan. "Why are you going there?", people ask me. I usually reply, "To learn about intelligent robots". But I'm thinking of using a better one, "To get these damn robots out of my mind!" -- Ricardo Carnieri


Friday, February 27, 2004

Found a great summary of recent (ahem, 1997!) developments in robotics research in Japan. Take a look: "Recent Developments in Japanese Robotics Research - Notes of a Japan Tour"

The authors describe the laboratories in three sections:
- biological orientation
- learning and cognition
- mechatronics

Very nice report. I hope I can find something similar but more up-to-date.
Here goes nothing. I'm starting this journal to help me remember crazy or just random ideas I happen to have in the following 2 years I'll be spending in Japan.

Purificando a mente através da escrita. Ou não.

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